After becoming a Christian 30 years ago, I was on fire and couldn’t wait to read the Bible and learn more about God. After time, however, that eagerness dwindled. Small groups were helpful in keeping me in the Word. The one that helped the most was when a few friends and I led a 2-year study through the Bible with other women. We met monthly and had a teach time, discussion, application, and prayer. I loved that time in the Word and with other women. We learned from the teach times and grew in our relationship with God and each other, and we actually read the entire Bible together. This was so exciting and kept me accountable to reading and studying scripture.

I have since moved and have not found a study quite like this so am creating something similar on this blog. Each week we will read through scripture, have a teach time, followed by discussion questions and prayer. We will dive deeper into the Word on a regular basis, deepening our understanding of His Word, and increasing our faith.

We could simply read straight through from Genesis to Revelation, but that would get tedious. We will be using a study method by Ross Hasselhorst which is a mix of the Old and New Testament. After reading just 10 out of the 66 books of the Bible, we will have a good understanding of the entire Bible. We will then finish the rest of the 56 books. Let’s have fun while diving deep and getting to know each other better.

Each week there will be a blog post about a topic in the reading along with discussion questions and prayer. Feel free to respond to the post, questions, or ask for prayer.

Let’s dive in!

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